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Drops of fine wine: pure poetry

As well as being home to beautiful landscapes and cultural treasures, the area where our Hotel Baia Verde is located is also famous for its wine-growing tradition. Your holidays will be lent an extra touch of flavour by the fine labels from Valpolicella, an area dedicated to viticulture since time immemorial and one of the most prestigious areas on the Italian wine-growing scene.

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Wellness hotel in Malcesine with wine cellar
Wellness hotel in Malcesine with wine cellar

Tastings with a lake view

Wine lovers will enjoy sampling the fine labels of wine and grappa from Allegrini and Marzadro during the tastings held in our wine cellar and garden. Our wine supplier, Allegrini, has been active on the wine-growing scene in Valpolicella since the start of the 16th century. Allegrini’s wines are considered some of the finest in the Veneto region and represent an area rich in history. Amongst the wines, the famous Amarone stands out, an Italian red that is particularly appreciated for its intense flavour and good body, as does the Valpolicella Allegrini, which is noteworthy for its character and taste and grows more delicate as it ages.

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Quality you can taste

If you’re also looking to sample a glass of grappa, you can choose between the fine grappas of Marzadro distillery. Marzadro grappas are characterised by the difference between taste and aroma. They offer all the finesse and personality of high-quality products and are produced from the pomace of classic and native grape varieties. If you want to enjoy a sip of fine wine, you can buy one of the famous labels from us.

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